Charlotte des'Ascoyne

Charlotte des'Ascoyne

Charlotte is an outgoing and vivacious individual that always seeks to get the best from people. She is extremely hard working and has the ability to manage many projects at once. She has the type of person that can get anyone to do anything for her, and this often means she gets things done that others would not, especially at short notice. She has a calm head under intense pressure and I never worried about any project she worked on with me.
— Adam Marc James, McQueen

About the Designer:

Specialising in textiles and design for the luxury market, with an emphasis on innovative hand and jacquard techniques as well as hand embroidery, Charlotte is a bespoke textile designer with a history of Bespoke and Made to Measure tailoring. With an interest in material exploration and manipulation, Charlotte creates unique, one off pieces based around the personality of the individual or client. 

Charlotte also has 8 years experience in product development and on shore/off shore production management in the luxury market. This has enabled her to combine both textiles and fashion to create one-stop solutions for her clients. Understanding both the need for scalability but also bespoke processes.

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Masters From The Royal College of Art, London in Textiles (Woven Textiles Specialist) 2017

BA (Hons) from Chelsea College of Art, London in Textiles (Printed Textiles Specialist) 2011

Foundation Diploma From London College of Fashion in Art and Design (textiles Specialism) 2008



Haberdashers Guild Company Prize 2016 1st Place

Worshipful Weavers Guild Scholarship prize 2016

Texprint designer 2017

Texprint fashion prize 2017